'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Recap: Pretty Little Liar

Kris JennerJust when it seemed mama bear Kris Jenner might finally bust up the Scott Disick love fest the Kardashian sisters have been having as of late, Kim had to go and stand up to her on this week's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

For whatever reason, Kim is now all chummy with Scott and agreed to go to one of his product launches. Though it was billed as a big deal, the actual product was never named, which is kind of funny as I bet Jenner had something to do with prohibiting that. Anyway, Kim agreed to go as a freebie deal because he's (unfortunately) part of the family, and she wanted to support him.

Jenner, however, flipped when she got wind of the "deal." She chastised Kimmy in the most ironic of ways:


You only have so much PR to go around, Kim … you can’t just go showing up on a red carpet every night endorsing a product

Ha! Kim endorses every product out there from Silly Bandz to fraudulent credits cards, and now she wants her to be discerning. A little late for that.

Anyhoo, after breaking the news to Scott and being berated by Kourtney for never standing up to their mother, Kim decided to go anyway. "Screw the mutha!" She didn't tell Jenner, who was sure to find out as there were cameras everywhere. She did, and was pissed.

"Hello pretty little liar," she said. "You lied to me Kim."

Then Kim actually stood up for herself and told her mom she was an adult who could make her own decisions, and that family was more important than money. I would agree if said family wasn't Disick. In his case, I'd choose money.

Meanwhile Kourtney was all hot and bothered over having to kiss another man while making her acting debut on One Life to Live.

"Don't you feel like that makes you look like a whore?" she asked a friend.

Uh, no. It's called acting, which she didn't show much talent for, even though she's now convinced it's her calling. "Now I feel like I could go kiss everyone and I’d be fine," she said when she was finished. Maybe she'll find someone she likes better than Disick along the way. Here's to hoping anyway.

Were you glad/surprised to see Kim stand up to Kris Jenner?

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