Renee Zellweger Gets the Jennifer Aniston 'Old Maid' Treatment

Renee Zellweger
Renee Zellweger
Oh, poor Renee Zellweger, destined to be an old maid now that she's pushing 42 years old and she and Bradley Cooper, her boyfriend of two years, broke up. And oh no! Due to her unfortunate new "singlehood," she was forced to attend friends' Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth's wedding all by her lonesome! I hope someone hand-delivered the bride's bouquet into her ringless left hand because it's just a matter of time before Renee rescues 47 cats and holes up with them in her new single lady pad forever.

Oh, come on! The media is totally giving Renee the Jennifer Aniston treatment. Is it really necessary to act this way every time a woman in her 40s breaks up with a boyfriend?

What year is it, people?

Ever since the latest breakup news surfaced, the media can't stop taking pictures of poor Renee as she dines alone in cafes (I'd kill for such a luxury!) and struts around in black stilettos, which she probably did all the time before but now is suddenly some evidence of being lonely and on the prowl.

I really don't think Renee needs any "woe is me single" sympathy. She's a smart, successful woman who's remained on the A List for quite some time. Surely, she has the support and strength to get through a breakup. I mean, of course, we want the actress to be happy and find love -- if that's what she wants. However, having been through a breakup or two in my day, I'm guessing she just wants to nurse her broken heart and live her life without constant scrutiny of every move she makes. A breakup at 41 after a short-lived marriage is no fun for sure, but it does not doom anyone to old maid status. Let's get off her back already!

In any case, I bet Jennifer Aniston is enjoying distraction away from her single status for awhile.

Do you think we ought to stop giving Renee Zellweger the "old maid" treatment? Are we too focused on women's marital status and age even now in 2011?


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