Bret Michaels Blames Tony Awards for Brain Hemorrhage (VIDEO)

Bret Michaels
Bret Michaels
About a year ago, most of us remember when Poison front man and reality star Bret Michaels suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. It was a really scary time, but Bret pulled through like a champ and even went onto win Celebrity Apprentice about a month later.

Now, Michaels and, we're guessing, his doctors have made a link from a stage accident he suffered six months prior to the brain hemorrhage. While performing at the Tony Awards, a large prop dropped down, striking Michaels in the face and sending him to the hospital with a broken nose and a cut lip.


According to TMZ, Michaels filed a lawsuit for unspecified damages against Tony Award Productions, CBS, and others. Michaels blames producers for failing to instruct him on making a safe exit from the stage after his performance. When he turned to follow his bandmates off stage, the large sign came down and struck him in the face. Six months later -- subarachnoid brain hemorrhage ... Coincidence or direct result of this head injury?

It'll be interesting to see if this lawsuit stays cordial or gets ugly. As we reported before, there are many causes to this type of stroke, and Michaels was vulnerable to several including, diabetes, cocaine and tobacco use, and other risky habits of the rock and roll lifestyle. Will Tony Award Production try to fight this claim based on Michaels' potential susceptibility to these other glaring risk factors or will they settle as quickly as possible? I would assume Michaels has some pretty strong medical evidence to support his claim. Otherwise, why file suit?

WATCH the video of the stage accident at the Tony Awards:


Do you think the Tony Awards will try and fight Michaels' claim?


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