5 Reasons Dolly Parton Rocks

Dolly Parton has gotten a lot of flak over the years for her giant breasts and her crazy accent and her semi-ditzy ways, but if you actually pay any attention, she is one seriously kick ass, feisty lady.

Yes, her breasts are enormous, but she owns it. Parton knows who she is and she keeps it positive and fun. Friday morning she was on Good Morning America touting her new Better Day concert tour, which starts July 17 and goes through August. The CD comes out in the summer and is full of “uplifting and positive things," she said.

Dolly is awesome and even though she sings country music, which I generally hate, I am one of her biggest fans. And here are a few reasons why:


She has her own theme park:

Dollywood is a super fun theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It's entering its 26th season with a new ride called The Barnstormer. Anyone who has been there can attest to the fact that it is about the greatest thing in the state of Tennessee.

She is a champion of gay rights:

It may not seem like a little girl from the South who sings country should be a big fan of homosexuals, but Dolly Parton has made her feelings on gay rights very clear. She believes that gay rights are human rights. And somehow it feels like with Dolly on our side, we really can't go wrong.

She once said:

I am not a poster child for gay rights by any means. But I have so many gay and lesbian friends and they're just so pure and so true. That's not politics to me. That's human rights.

Yay Dolly!

She turned down Elvis:

Elvis Presley wanted to record "I Will Always Love You" (a song she wrote), but only if Parton handed over half of the publishing rights. Parton dug in her heels, retained her rights, and then, in 1992, Whitney Houston sang it in The Bodyguard, making it a best-selling hit. She's a toughie!

She makes fun of herself:

Never one to take herself too seriously, she calls herself "backwoods Barbie" and mocks the boobs and all the things that make her famous. She has no problem with taking jabs because she makes them herself and laughs at them. Pure genius!

She is multi-talented:

She has written pop music, a Broadway musical (the score for 9 to 5), is in the Country Music Hall of fame, and has written more songs than I can count. She has also acted in several successful movies and is pretty darn funny, to boot. Anyone who doesn't take her seriously is clearly not looking very closely.

Do you love Dolly?


Image via Alejo Castillo/Flickr

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