'Jersey Shore' Season 4: Italy Will Hate These 'Guidos'

vinny from jersey shoreIf you're like me, yesterday was a sad day for you. It was the last episode of Jersey Shore. It truly is a mystery how I'm going to spend Thursday nights from 10 to 11 p.m. Everyone may not agree, but I thought this season was great. Sure, I could have done with a little less Ron and Sam drams, but overall, I give season three a thumbs up.

The Situation and the gang were brought back to their roots, their natural habitat. They were back in Seaside, where it all began. The crappy house where you could practically smell the stale beer and cigarettes through the television, the familiar gym and tanning salon, Karma! Each episode, Pauly and Vinny never disappointed me with their lovable cad hijinks. The Situation was endlessly entertaining with his weird combination of being the cockiest and most insecure human being alive. And Snooki. Oh, Snooki. Please stop talking about how you have to poop.

Why, then, am I not excited for Jersey Shore Season 4? Because they're going to be in Italy!


Now, let me start by saying a few things here. One, there's nowhere I love more than Italy. The timeless beauty, the decadent food, the generous people. To me, Italy is the small corner of the world where heaven resides. And although I don't love the idea of the guys fist-pumping their way up the Spanish Steps, surely it will be funny to watch Sammi Sweetheart (which, um, yeah right) blow out her American flat iron. In other words, if they want to go to Italy, fine. Who am I to stop them?

But to do an entire season there? Ugh, it's going to be awful. It's going to be one giant gimmick. The show was (is?) funny because it's a slice of these people's lives. It's these eight people (I'm not counting Deena) doing what they do in their everyday lives. And I know this is what they do because I'm from New Jersey. And I'm Italian American! (No, I have never been to Karma or any of those places, but I know people who have.)

Putting them in Italy is going to be lots of "language barrier" antics, "American idiots" trying to figure out how to use the sinks and showers, and something totally inappropriate happening in the Vatican. That's not why I watch Jersey Shore. I watch it because of the creepy voyeuristic pleasure I derive from watching these buffoons go about their lives.

Whatever, though. As disappointed as I am in MTV, I know I'll still be watching it. Doesn't matter where they shoot the thing. They've brainwashed me.

What do you think of the Jersey Shore shooting in Italy?


Image via MTV

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