Whoopi Goldberg Smoked Weed -- Big Whoop!

Whoopi GoldbergIt's far from shocking that Whoopi Goldberg has smoked pot. She's dropped more than a few hints over the years, and has even appeared to be a bit baked on The View from time to time. BUT now we know for certain that Goldberg does like the Ganja ... or did?

TMZ has a video of Goldberg talking about how stoned she got before the Oscar ceremony in which she won an award for Ghost. She's shown saying:

Smoking cigarettes and pot every now and then are my habits. And I thought, "I've got to relax." So I smoked this wonderful joint that was the last of my home grown.

Here's her acceptance speech from 1991, see if you can tell:


Eh, I don't think I would have called it without someone cluing me in -- it was a nice, heartfelt speech. She said her mother, however, could tell by her "glistening eyes" and called her to chew her out for doing so. But does it even matter? I bet plenty in the audience were wasted off champagne and other beverages. So legality aside, I don't see anything wrong with her taking the edge off.

But what about today -- is she still smoking weed? And if so, is she doing it before she goes to work on The View? I don't know and don't really care except for curiosity sake. I like Whoopi and find her hilarious. If she chooses to toke up before taking on the hot topics of the day, well then her view may be all the more interesting and entertaining.

Check out this video from last year in which she appears to be a lot more loaded than during her Oscar speech ... on something:

Whether it was pot or not, it was entertaining. It would be annoying if it was every day, but you know for a special guest here and there, it could be fun. Imagine if she was in that shape when Donald Trump was on this week. Things could have gotten a lot more fun.

Personally, I don't care if Whoopi smokes on air, off air, or while in the air. As long as she's not hurting anyone else, she can whoop it up as much as she wants and let viewers decide if they like her high or not. Now if only she could get Elisabeth Hasselbeck to toke up, The View could get really interesting.

Do you care whether Whoopi Goldberg smokes pot or not? What about while she's at work?

Image via YouTube

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