Rachel Uchitel Takes the 'Private' out of Private Eye

rachel uchitelSo, do people always have press releases when they become private investigators? Or just "celebrities"? Either way, it kind of takes the "private" out of it, no?

Tiger Woods' main mistress Rachel Uchitel is hanging up her Louboutins (well, maybe) in order to pursue a career as a private investigator. The Celebrity Rehab star recently took classes to be a P.I. and will be working at the New York City offices of DGA Detectives before we know it.

This is an interesting career move for Uchitel. I've heard of "reality stars" (is she a reality star?) pursuing careers as clothing designers, actresses, and recording artists, but private investigator? Nicely done, Rachel. You've really broke the mold.


In my experience -- as a spectator of all things media -- these "stars" typically don't do so well in their next career path. How many Oscar-nominated actresses got their start on The Real World? Has any Real Housewives member ever won a Grammy? (Kim Zolciak hasn't won a Grammy, right?)

Rachel may prove me wrong, though. Apparently, home girl's got some skills. Dale Gustafson, owner of the academy Rachel attended, said, "She's very smart," referring to the fact that Uchitel's final exam score of 97 was the third-best he's seen in the last 15 years. Impressive.

But, I am brought back to my first question: Why is Rachel letting it be known to the world that she's becoming a private investigator? Was an interview with the New York Post really necessary? Won't anyone who sees her -- and she's hard to miss -- run for the hills, as they'll know they're about to get busted? Something seems fishy here. Despite Rachel's supposed knack for the game, this smells vaguely like a publicity stunt to me.

What do you think of Rachel Uchitel becoming a private investigator?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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