Rebecca Black 'Friday' Parodies Will Make You Pee Your Pants (VIDEOS)

rebecca blackWithin a week's time, Rebecca Black has solidified herself as a huge joke national sensation. And although personally I don't think she has any real talent, I'm happy to see that she takes all the criticism with a grain of salt.

Last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, the pint-sized pop star spoke about her newfound fame and commented on all the haters. She understands that not everyone's going to like her stuff. And really, she actually seems totally sweet. But honestly, I can't help but have a tad bit of animosity toward her, simply because she's topping the iTunes charts and making about my year's salary in a week's time. Because of a song. That sucks. No, I'm not entertained.

I've found something that IS entertaining, though. If there's anything wonderful that has resulted from Black's fame, it's the "Friday" parody videos. Without further adieu, get comfortable, avoid drinking any liquids, and be prepared to laugh ... a lot.


These two guys prove that you're never too old to impersonate a 13-year-old girl:

Really, these men have to be high on something. I'm essentially in love with their parody simply because of how wide the chubber's eyes get, and how good tall, dark, and handsome can shake his groove thing. My only question: Where can I get myself a couple of huge cereal boxes?

Up next: The teenage boys' take:

An excerpt of the video's best line: "Which one's my right hand? Which one's my left hand? Gotta make my mind up ... which one is my hannnnnnd?" Clearly, like Rebecca Black, they too are lyrical geniuses. But seriously, look how good this editing is! Really, these teens could have a career in parody making.

... if the parodies don't do it for you, well -- how about an emotional cover from Matt Mulholland?

This man has true talent that is a gift from God. Can't you feel his anguish? His true passion is just ... contagious. I'm craving more. I can see it now: Rebecca Black, The Musical. Will Ferrell would be in it. And there would be lots of black. Everywhere.

What do you think of the Rebecca Black parody videos? Do you like them more than the original?

Image via YouTube

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