Michael Lohan Is a Jerry Springer Mess (VIDEO)

michael lohanMichael Lohan, just like his loser daughter Lindsay Lohan, won't go away. Now, he's making headlines, because the Los Angeles District Attorney's office has officially filed a single misdemeanor charge of "inflicting injury on a Cohabitant" against Lohan for an alleged domestic violence incident involving his ex-fiancee, former tabloid reporter Kate Major.

On Monday night, Daddy Lohan was picked up by cops in West Hollywood and arrested for three felony charges of domestic violence including preventing the report of the victimization, false imprisonment, and inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant. The D.A. ended up dropping two of the charges and bumped the third felony to a misdemeanor.

Hmmm ... I wonder how he managed that! He is a total drama king, after all. He even complained of chest pains in the middle of being booked, and ended up being taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center. He was released yesterday. 


There's definitely a LOT about this story that reeks -- I mean, besides the fact that Lohan's clearly a scumbag.

But, in his warped mind, everything is always someone else's fault. So of course it's not surprising that he is denying the charges. He even told RadarOnline.com his side of the story in an exclusive interview, in which he "blamed alcohol for Kate's behavior and said when she visited him at the Pasadena Recovery center where he's been taping VH1's Celebrity Rehab, she was intoxicated and the staff did an intervention for her."

I didn't touch her. I didn't do a damn thing to her ... I'm going to press charges against Kate, and I'm going to try to have her arrested before she leaves California. I have to see what's missing and have her charged with robbery. I want to also have her charged with assault with a deadly weapon -- she cut me with something -- domestic assault, and trespassing.

Good to know, Michael!

Why is it that he's just so damn hard to believe? All this guy does is mouth off about how everyone else is at fault -- ex-wife Dina's a liar, Lindsay's screwed up, and he wishes they were closer, yadayada. He's also been doing the Charlie Sheen act well before Charlie Sheen, calling up radio stations and bloggers to give them a piece of his uncalled for mind. Now, this.

I'm not really sure what motive Major would have to accuse Lohan of domestic violence if it didn't actually go down. And judging from another "exclusive" interview with her on RumorFix.com, in which she shows her bruises and asks him to leave her alone, he's totally guilty. Can we just get him locked up already and be done with it? After all, uh, his involvement on Celebrity Rehab couldn't exactly be considered a valuable contribution to society.

Here's the video of Kate Major discussing what happened and her showing her bruises.

Do you think Michael Lohan's guilty? Should he go to jail?


Image via Mike Jachles/Splash News

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