Charlie Sheen Mouth to Mouth Might Kill Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen Jimmy Kimmel

Charlie Sheen plants a kiss on Jimmy Kimmel

Nutty Charlie Sheen is keeping the party going out there on the road, and last night he surprised Jimmy Kimmel on his live show when he ran up from backstage and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

Um, I'm not a big germaphobe or anything, but if there's one thing I would really not want to risk catching, it's the Charlie Sheen disease. Any one of them! Yikes! Jimmy Kimmel, get thee to a doctor stat!


Sure, Jimmy Kimmel said "thank you" for the big wet one from Charlie; however, what I think he meant was "Thank you, now I need to go drink some Purell ..."

STDs aside, frankly, who knows where Charlie Sheen's mouth has been? -- well, actually the whole world does and eek! But even scarier, what if his extra special brand of crazy is contagious? My god. I wouldn't want that moist nest of contagions anywhere near me. And Jimmy Kimmel got a taste without even asking for it. Poor Jimmy.

Everyone in the audience seemed to enjoy the excitement of Charlie Sheen's surprise appearance. They screamed and hollered and couldn't wait to get their hands on the Charlie Sheen merchandise he tossed around.

WATCH Charlie Sheen kiss Jimmy Kimmel for yourself:

And wait, did Charlie Sheen show up for national television in sweat pants? Yes, it appears that he did. God, that guy is getting away with all the adolescent man horrors, isn't he?

Do you think Jimmy Kimmel should get his lips tested?


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