Chris Brown Freaks Out Because He's Not Charlie Sheen

Chris BrownAfter brutally beating Rihanna in 2009, Chris Brown has spent years trying to convince the world he's reformed, that he's really not that guy. His major freak out today after Good Morning America blows that facade out of the water and really says it all.

Ironically, he lost his sh&t after ABC's Robin Roberts asked him about the previous domestic violence charges. According to, he stormed out of the GMA studios after shattering a dressing room window. He even tore off his shirt! Guess those domestic violence classes didn't address anger management so well.

A source told PopEater's Rob Shuter just how terrifying the scene was:

A friend at the show tells me everyone was terrified. He is meant to perform on 'Dancing With the Stars,' but now ABC news employees are putting pressure on the network to cancel him due to concerns over staff safety.


Brown tweeted afterward: "I'm so over people bringing this past s--- up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there b-------!"

He clearly has some major Charlie Sheen envy, which is a whole other kind of disturbing.

I understand him getting tired of people bringing up the past, but this display of rage shows how deep-seeded his anger issues are and how dangerous he can be. Brown clearly has NOT changed, no matter what he says or what color his hair is. It's actions that matter, and I fear for any woman who enters a relationship with him.

This isn't the first hint that we've gotten that he hasn't changed. He trashed Rihanna in his  single "Deuces," showing how lightly he took the issue. Then there was his Twitter meltdown this past December where he threw out anger-laced homophobic tweets to rapper Raz. It's all just been brewing in there, and today he unleashed it.

He recently told Page Six:

 ... I'm in a positive place. I consider myself a grown-ass man. And at the end of the day, if I walk around apologizing to everybody, I'm gonna look like a damn fool.

Now he just looks like a bigger damn fool.

Obviously Brown is in need of more help. Let's hope he gets it before someone really gets hurt ... again.

Are you surprised by Chris Brown's violent outburst this morning?

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