'DWTS' Recap: Top 7 Surprises of the New Season

Season 12 of Dancing With the Stars promises to be much better than Season 11 if only for the cast line-up.

We have Ralph Macchio and Kirstie Alley as well as Kendra Wilkinson and Petra Nemcova. As boring as I was worried the season might be initially, it has grown on me, and now I feel like it really could be one of the better seasons.

The cast is varied, but they are also fun and interesting in ways they haven't been in the past couple seasons. There is no obvious front runner or person that SHOULD win. There were a few major surprises, though, and here they are:

  1. Ralph Macchio still looks exactly the same: HOW is this possible? The man is 49 and could still pass for a high schooler. I want his secret! He doesn't even look like he's had plastic surgery, either.
  2. Wasn't Kirstie Alley thinner? Kirstie looks good and all, but I thought she was much smaller after becoming famous last year from dieting. I was also not sure why everyone was raving about her dance. She was good, she had rhythm, but the best of the night? I would give that to Ralph.
  3. Kendra used to be a stripper: Wait, this wasn't a surprise at all, actually. Of course she did. But don't think that made her any better of a dancer. She still only got an 18 for her cha-cha-cha.
  4. Petra Nemcova has unfortunate timing: When I first heard that Petra was going to be on DWTS, I immediately thought of tsunamis, so it's a bit of terribly awkward (and sad) timing that she is starting the show just 10 days after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. It must bring back so many memories for her and I wonder if it will affect her season.
  5. Wendy Williams was never a man: I had no idea who she was until tonight, but both my husband and I had to google whether she used to be a man. She didn't. But we quickly discovered we are far from the first people to ask this.
  6. Chelsea Kane can dance: I have no idea who she is, but wow. She is my early favorite for the win and I am excited to watch her.
  7. Sugar Ray Leonard cries: For a tough guy, he spent a lot of time with wet eyes. What was up with the tears of frustration?

It promises to be a better season than last!

Are you watching? Who do you predict will win?


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