Lady Gaga Wants an Egg Bed? She Cracks Me Up!

lady gaga eggLady Gaga doesn't want us to think she's just a normal almost 25-year-old woman, because that would spoil all of her fun. Yes, that's an egg pun, and prepare yourself for more, because they'll just keep on comin'. The latest from the Lady is that there will be no California King-sized Tempur-Pedic in her Haus of Gaga new NYC condo. Nope, she'd prefer to sleep in an egg bed, claims the U.K. Mirror.

An "insider" told the newspaper all about the plan, which seems to have "hatched" as a result of Gaga's Grammys performance (in which she came down the red carpet and rolled out on stage in a translucent egg).

This house project is Gaga’s new baby ... The egg vessel is being made especially for her. She’ll be able to sleep in it, in place of a double bed. She felt so at home in the egg on stage -- she spent hours in it meditating and says when she’s in it she feels at peace.


I can't help but laugh. The first time I heard Gaga told the press that she "incubated for days" in her egg prior to the Grammys, I just shook my head. She feeds the press the crazy ON PURPOSE. And they eat it up.

Don't they realize it's all a shtick? She's playing a game with them and with us, blurring the lines between fame and reality, fantasy and reality, wacky/weird and reality. 

Still, I don't doubt that she's a bit eccentric. But that's to be expected. Just look at Elton John, David Bowie, Madonna, Cher. All of these highly successful stars are a little wacky, no? At least, I'm sure their pads don't look anything like yours and mine! And not just because they have mega-bucks.

Oh, yeah, so speaking of the pad, Gaga supposedly has other plans for her new condo, says the Mirror:

She has also submitted plans for alien sculptures. Her revamped flat will also house weird and wacky artifacts from her travels around the world -- including masks and bones.

Sounds fitting. Sounds like she's into archaeology and anthropology. OR! She's just playing on the theme behind the "Born This Way" video, in which she births an entire race of tolerant beings. Or, a combo of both.

It's like she's method acting -- you know, the technique Daniel Day-Lewis uses to become the character he's playing in any given film. Gaga has said she's a performance artist, and I wouldn't be surprised if this latest "gossip" is just a part of her master plan ... or show. However you want to look at it.

Do you think Gaga's REALLY going to sleep in an egg bed or is it just another wacky way in which she's promoting her new album?

Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

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