Purim Maccabeats Music Video Explains It All

Maccabeats rock out for Purim
When Jewish holidays roll around I try to make sure my little ones understand what they mean. The problem is, I hesitate to say, I am not always sure myself. This weekend Jews all over the world are celebrating Purim and when my daughter asked why, I had to dig in the recesses of my brain. The problem is, there wasn't much there! I was only able to come up with keywords and phrases as opposed to an actual explanation: Queen Esther, dress up in costumes, Ancient Persia, save the Jews. Well crap, that won't do it!


So I searched for the Maccabeats, a group of guys that have made it their business to help people like me. Okay, well, they aren't really trying to help people like me — but they are! In the Purim video below they put together an ingenious combination of lyrics and images to the tune of "Raise Your Glass" by Pink. It totally helped me put together my keywords, loose memories from childhood, and stuff I learned at my local Y.  Plus, they are sort of adorable.

The Maccabeats also created a video in honor of Hanukkah this past December to "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. That is still my favorite.

Have you seen other videos by the Maccabeats? What do you think of them?


Image via YouTube

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