Impossible To Resist Mega Millions Gravitational Pull

Mega Millions logoToday is a big day for me! No one won the Mega Millions drawing last night which means I have another chance to win. I know you feel me right now. The wheels start to turn ... just even considering the possibility of a win. I mean, someone has to win, right? Eventually someone will win.

No need to worry about me. I am sure I am like a lot of you. I am not delusional, I don't actually think that person will ever be me ... but ... well ... maybe in some recessed part of my brain I think it might be me. I mean, it could be me, right? No, I know it's not likely ... but it could. be. me.


The lottery has this sort of gravitational pull on me. I don't play often, in fact, there are so many games now that it sort of confuses the hell out of me. But I can't help but play these big ones. 

I think maybe the desire to play is just simply in my blood (unfortunately, the "never winning" part is likely there too) because it is really hard to resist picking up a ticket. I don't go overboard. I am not one of those people spending $10 a week on tickets (and I know that is small compared to some) ... though I fully understand the desire to do that. The hope to be that person to win. Besides, the genius line "You have to be in it to win it" says it all. It is simply ... true.

My grandfather played every week, way before there was ever a Mega Millions. I vividly remember going with him to buy his tickets. And the feeling of hope he had. I also remember sitting with my dad as he checked his numbers, pen in hand and paper open -- not circling a single thing!

And so I happily carry on the tradition of wasting my money on tickets in the hopes that one will turn out to be a winner.

The next drawing is Tuesday, March 22, with a prize of $244 million! Yes, I said $244 million dollars. Just writing that seem ludicrous. But think about what you could do with even one two hundredth of that money. This is my problem. I start to think about what I would do with the money and then I end up buying my ticket. After all, it is only $1 to play.

Will you buy a ticket for Tuesday's Mega Million drawing?


Image via Mega Millions

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