Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas Split -- Alice Could Have Seen This Coming

Joe Jonas Ashley Greene
Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene
Well, it's over Twilight fans and Jonas Brothers groupies -- the world between sexy vampires and boy bands who charade as virgins no longer collides. Yep, actress Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas broke up. It's official. Officially sad.

Of course, you don't need to have Ashley Greene's Twilight character Alice's telepathic powers to have seen this breakup coming. This relationship was never going to work. Here's why.


5 Reasons You Don't Have to Be Alice to Know This Wasn't Going to Work

  1. Ashley and Joe are two smokin' hot 20-something celebs with wild fan bases. They probably have options throwing their panties and boxers at them everywhere they go.
  2. Ashley Greene has been super busy seeing the future as "Alice Cullen" on the set of the fourth Twilight movie -- Breaking Dawn.
  3. Joe Jonas is working hard to release his first solo album this summer.
  4. Joe pretends to be a virgin.
  5. Ashley gets caught in an erotic boutique shopping for lingerie and a book of Kama Sutra sex positions.

See what we're saying? Wasn't it sort of obvious?

Why do you think Ashley and Joe really broke up?


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