Vanessa Hudgens Third Nude Photo Scandal Is a Joke

vanessa hudgensI have no sympathy for Vanessa Hudgens. The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress is involved in yet ANOTHER nude photo scandal. It's like clockwork with this girl. Nude photos she's taken have been "accidentally" leaked twice before ... once in 2007 (although there were several versions back then, too) and again in 2009. Although she claims she was "embarrassed (tee hee)" by them the last two times, she's boo-hoo-ing that she's "deeply upset and angered" by the latest incident.

Are you kidding me?

Nope. She actually took this emergency matter to the FBI to talk about the culprit, a hacker who is said to have pilfered over 50 celebs' accounts.


Look, I know an invasion of privacy is really upsetting. I'm sure plenty of normal people take pics of themselves nude for their sweethearts and NEVER intend them to end up on the web. But even when an average Jane does that, she has to be aware of the fact that this is 2011. Some angry exes get even by sharing nude photos with the entire world online. Not that it's right, but it is a potential outcome for ANYONE who gets nude on film.

For a young celebrity like Vanessa, it's a whole different ballgame. I would not be surprised if those last two incidents were less accidental than they were deliberate. Around the time of the first "Vanessa Hudgens Sext-gate," she was attempting to shed her good girl Disney image. Consider the "whoops!" to be her Miley Cyrus-does-salvia moment. Then, in '09, oops! She did it again! Maybe because three years later, the public was still seeing her as that little girl from High School Musical and girlfriend of Zac Efron?

Sure, there's the chance the leaked photos weren't publicity-related, but I still don't feel bad for her. When you're young in Hollywood -- especially if you're a young WOMAN in show business -- you have to understand that you are in the spotlight for better or for worse. It's the fame game, baby. That means any naked photos you pose for or sex tapes you participate in are going to likely end up out of your exclusive possession. Of course the hacker was wrong to invade her privacy, but I'm just not surprised that it happened -- that's all. Vanessa shouldn't be either, so I don't get why she's acting so violated, shocked, and disturbed.

Oh, that's right, to alter her public image.

Do you feel bad for Vanessa that she's going through a third nude photo scandal?


Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty

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