Sandra Bullock Gives Japan Best Gift Possible

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock
Oh Sandy, I didn't think the world could love you anymore than we already do. But then you go and do something fabulous again. Actress Sandra Bullock gave $1 million to the American Red Cross this week to help with earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

So far, Bullock's hefty chunk of cash is the largest celebrity donation to the Red Cross to be announced since the disaster occurred! Maybe Sandra's good deed combined with the competitive nature of Hollywood will influence other celebrities to get out their wallets and donate.


Lots of celebrities are using their influence on Twitter and beyond to get fans to donate to Japan, but there's something bigger to be said about a celebrity who actually whips out the debit card and sends over their own cold hard cash. That's pretty no nonsense and pretty big hearted.

The American Red Cross has raised approximately $47 million in the United States since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan less than a week ago. Go U.S.A.! Of course, that means Sandra Bullock has donated 1/47th of that money herself.

So Oprah? You gonna let Sandra have that big a piece of the action? Can I get $2 million? Lady Gaga -- how about $3 million? Kristen Stewart, we know you're stinkin' rich -- how about $5 million? Come on, ladies. Let's up that ante.

And what about you? You don't have to make millions to show your support. The amount of cash you can donate is totally relative. It's also really really easy -- donate to Japan now.

What do you think of Sandra Bullock's giant donation?


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