CJ Fam Vs. Rebecca Black: A Make-It-Stop Showdown

CJ FamAs Rebecca Black's hit song "Friday" burst into iTunes Top 100 this week, there are other Internet singing sensation wannabes on her heels. Whether her song sucks or not, she's getting her fame and fortune, and plenty of others want it too. CJ Fam is currently in the running to be the next breakout star from Ark Music Factory, and people are wondering if she can best (or worst?) Black. 

Check out her song, "Ordinary Pop Star," and see what you think:


I don't know if too much Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black has lowered my standards and numbed my ears, but I wasn't shocked at her awfulness. If you close your eyes, she's not much worse than other pop music selling out there (ahem, Ke$ha). If you open them, however, it is a bit of a shock because she looks about 8. The lyrics are ridiculous and nonsensical, but they're sort of catchy ... in that way that will make me want to hurt someone because I can't get them out of my mind. I wouldn't be surprised if she does see some of Black's success ... for many of the same reasons.

While people make fun of Black and surely will of Fam too, that's pretty much par for the course. Sure, they're young, but so is The Biebs and no one blinks at bashing him or anyone else who puts themselves in the spotlight no matter their age. It may not be nice, but it's part of the game. And that game is paying off pretty nicely for Black, who seems to know just how to play it.

She tweeted earlier today: "'Forget Bieber Fever, I have the Black Plague.' hahahaha - made my day."

There's a small part of me still waiting for the punchline of the joke, or for Ark Music Factory to come out and tell us we've all been Punk'd. Until that happens, however, I guess we'll assume they're legit, or legit-ish anyway.

If you have been without power or something for the last week and haven't seen Black's video yet, here it is. See who you think will be a bigger sensation, Black or Fam -- for better or worse?

Who do you think is better: CJ Fam or Rebecca Black? Would you buy either?

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