LeAnn Rimes Denies Being Skinny, Despite Freaky New Photos

I don't normally love reporting on celebrities' weight issues, but I can't help observing that not only is LeAnn Rimes wasting away to a stick figure, she's sending a crappy message about her pin-thin new bod to young female fans.

No one can deny that Rimes' weight has changed drastically in the last several months. While she was featured in Shape magazine recently for maintaining a strong, toned figure, she's morphed into a disturbingly gaunt version of her once athletic self.

Now, I realize it's no less rude to comment on someone's weight loss than it is to note that they seem to have put on a few too many pounds. However, it's not that Rimes is walking around looking like a bag of bones—it's what she's saying in response to the concern.

Rimes recently tweeted,


I don't care about the dumb articles. I know how healthy I am. Maybe those people should start taking care of themselves ... inside and out.

(Funny how the articles are only dumb if they're not celebrating her body, right? I mean, being on the cover of Shape in order to show off your abs = totally not dumb.)

She followed up with,

Maybe it's time for a nude pic so peeps can see how I look nowhere near what these stupid pics are trying to make me look like, LOL

Okay, I know celebrities are sometimes the victim of photo retouching and bad lighting and all that, but I highly doubt that's what has happened here. Implying that she looks totally different than the photos is just ... well, it's kind of crazy, really. Either she's got a raging case of body dysmorphic disorder, or she's just trying to deny what's obvious to anyone with eyes.

Rimes has clearly been dedicated to her fitness for some time, once bragging that "I'm serious about my exercise. I don't just doodle around. I see people at the gym talking on their cell phones. If they think their bodies are really going to change ... I mean, you've got to put in the effort!"

Yes, apparently you've got to stop eating altogether.

I wouldn't find any of this even worth discussion if she simply acknowledged that she's lost some weight, but not to worry, she's doing fine. Loudly defending her scary weight loss, on the other hand, is a great way to promote the eating disorders that are sadly already statistically rampant among her young female fans.

What do you think about Rimes' comments? Do you think there's a chance she's right, that the photos are fake?

Image via LeAnnRimes.com

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