Justin Timberlake Changes His Stance on Cheating

Poor sweet little Justin Timberlake was so unhappy in his relationship with Jessica Biel for over two years that he had to cheat again and again and also finally dump her. Oh! The suffering! It's hard to even imagine, no?

Though the two were together since 2007, they only broke up last week and they said it was "mutual," but sources close to the couple told US Weekly otherwise. They said:

He hasn't been happy with Jessica for close to two years. You'd be surprised at how soon the love was lost on this one. Justin said he was miserable.

Well boo-hoo dude. Why did you not break up with her sooner then? This is one of those mystifying male things.


How many guys do you know who hate their girlfriends and cheat on them constantly and yet stay with them? My own husband, in his youth, was guilty of this. He once stayed with a girl he kept "trying" to dump for four years.

"She would start to cry every time," he complained. Well, then by all means, it's way too scary to dump them. Way, way smarter to just cheat on them, right? After all, that is what JT supposedly did.

And who is the vixen who stole JT away? Sources claim there were a number of women, including Olivia Munn and Mila Kunis, among others. So, let me get this straight: hot guy can get any girl he wants, has a beautiful woman he just doesn't love, but rather than being straight with her, he cheats constantly in order to avoid hurting her.

Makes perfect sense, right? I love men, but seriously, that is some clueless stuff I don't get. Here's an idea: END the relationship if you don't like the girl. It's simple.

If you can't handle that, don't expect people to feel sorry for you that you were cheating. If you didn't love the girl, you should have admitted it. And let's not forget the utter hypocrisy it shows, too. Wasn't JT once famously devastated by Britney Spears cheating on him?

Seriously, JT, you sang a whole song about it! To turn around and do the same to someone else is just poor form. Bad move, dude. It's a shame, too. I used to think he looked like he was a 12-year-old playing dress-up, but he was growing on me after The Social Network.

Alas, he is down again in my book. It's safe to say that we can blame Britney Spears for the whole thing. "What Goes Around Comes Around," eh? It's just not quite the way we expected.

Do you think he is a hypocrite?


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