Hollywood Forced Seann William Scott Into Rehab

seann william scottSeann William Scott has checked himself into rehab. The star of movies you've only ever seen once they're played on TBS, the 34-year-old actor apparently has some health and personal issues that he'd like to work on in a treatment facility.

Seann is funny, no doubt about it. His facial expressions and comedic timing have gotten him memorable parts in the American Pie movies and in comedies like Role Models, Dukes of Hazzard, Old School, and Dude Where's My Car.

Has Hollywood type-casted this wild and crazy guy into roles that fit his natural personality, or has Hollywood turned this funny dude from Minnesota into an unruly buffoon?


If I had to picture a night out with Seann William Scott, and believe me, I have indeed fantasized about it, we'd start out doing something athletic, like a hike in the woods, then have some cold beers, then some more beers, then steal a car, race it around L.A., eat some lobster, have some shots of Jack, rappel down the side of his best friend's house pretending we're SWAT team members, kidnap his friend and force him to drink shots of Jack with us, return stolen car, but keep hubcaps, grab two sixers, head up to the top of a hill, sit on the hubcaps, watch the sunrise, and slide down the hill. Repeat.

That's the kind of fun he looks like -- unpredictable and hilarious. Sadly, all I have to base that on is his movie roles. I think the sad story here is that he feels pressure to live up to the levels of fun that his movie characters embodied. His peers and fans expect him to be the life of the party! Maybe SWS feels he must rise to their expectations.

On the other hand, maybe he got the roles he's played because he's already a wild and crazy guy with no boundaries and a penchant for hilarity. Chicken or the egg here.

Whatever the case (of beer) may be, I wish him the best. Who knows -- maybe Stiffler will emerge from this stronger and funnier. I could stand to see him in more movies, that's for sure.

What do you think?

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