Kacey Jordan Tweets Suicide Attempt: Are We to Blame?

Kacey Jordan, the adult entertainer hired to party with Charlie Sheen the night before he was hospitalized for a hernia (assuming "hernia" is medical jargon for "snorting an entire Dumpster full of cocaine then attempting to have sex with like 50 porn stars at once"), appeared to be live-tweeting her own suicide attempt last night.

Jordan began sending out a series of disturbing tweets saying that she had overdosed on pills and alcohol.

"I keep fainting," she wrote. "Guess I'll have to do more and see what that does."

Moments before tweeting "bathtime good byes," she posted a message about Charlie Sheen:



Jordan was hospitalized, but according to TMZ, she insists the tweets were a publicity stunt. Today she wrote, "I'm Soooo bored in this hospital bed! I wanna have someone save me ..."

I have no idea what the real story is here, if Jordan truly needs help or if she was angling for a way to re-join the public eye after her brief moment of Sheen-fueled fame. Either way, her Twitter followers are climbing today, at least one every few seconds. If she was looking for attention, she got it.

Jordan may have written that she keeps trying to feel Charlie's pain, but I suspect she's really trying to feel some of the massive amount of interest he's attracted. If you're hurting and desperate, the sort of train-wreck rubbernecking aimed at Sheen can easily be mistaken for support.

The problem with following in Charlie Sheen's footsteps is that public curiosity isn't the same as public admiration, and people who are secretly rooting for a head-on collision aren't really in your corner. If you have hundreds of new followers after a tweeted suicide drama, what have you really gained? Friendships, new fans, strangers who want you to succeed? Or a breathless crowd hoping that next time, they have a front row seat?

When does outrageous behavior become too sad and sick to observe? Some say Sheen crossed that line weeks ago; I haven't believed that to be true. Jordan, however, seems to want some of the Sheen spotlight aimed back at her—and that spotlight wouldn't exist without those of us who have been riveted by Sheen's story.

I hope whatever happened last night eventually results in a positive change for Kacey Jordan. Unfortunately, I think it's just another example of how celebrity meltdowns have become entertainment, which we reward by watching more avidly than ever before.

Image via CDUniverse.com (NSFW)

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