Kacey Jordan Suicide Attempt Was a Desperate Stunt

kacey jordan mugshotConsider this the opposite of a "bi-winning" moment: Porn star Kacey Jordan is best known right now for bangin' seven-gram rocks as the porn star who partied with Charlie Sheen in January and was then going to babysit his kids. (To which Denise Richards said, "No way!") She has also claimed that she suspects a recent abortion was thanks to Sheen. The latest awful: Kacey attempted suicide last night in a Chicago hotel. 

As first reported by TMZ, Chicago police arrived at the Peninsula Hotel at 6:51 p.m. after Jordan tweeted a series of suicidal messages, like "i took a bunch of pills...drank a hotel size bottle of jack... stumbled to the bathroom to weigh myself.........86 lbs" and "those 16 hours i was with charlie sheen... messed me up... i can't get that image out of my head... i think i keep trying to feel his pain."


Even though she assured her Twitter followers that she has family to live for and then suggested her tweets were a publicity stunt, Kacey was found on a bed, prescription pill bottles in hand, while broken glass and alcohol lay scattered around the room. There were also cuts and scrapes on her arms, said to be caused by a corkscrew that she grabbed and cut herself with.

When police got on the scene, they subdued Kacey and brought her to a nearby hospital.

All I can think -- besides, wow, what a total MESS this chick must be! -- is how hungry she must be for attention (and obviously, judging from her weight, food).

If you check out her Twitter feed, you'll see she likes to brag about hard partying, e.g. "Calm down guys... If Charlie can admit to banging 7 gram rocks I can admit to a line... Sheesh I like it better than coffee!" and feeding her followers crazy and crazier tweets to riff on.

Maybe she's taken a tip from Charlie. Everyone -- the media, we the public, everyone who's salivating for the next ridic headline -- just wants to gorge themselves on the crazy, and this is clearly Kacey's brand of crazy. It's her play for the public eye. Maybe she felt she should have been one of the goddesses, too! (Who knows?) To that end, I could see this being a publicity stunt. In the same way that Charlie going around with a machete or trying to engage people with a very sad webcast is a publicity stunt.

But, clearly, a suicide attempt is on a whole other level of attention-whoring. Unlike Charlie's erratic, self-important media games, this incident is a desperate plea for help, a red flag that this girl needs some kind of serious intervention if she wants to get past her very very young almost-23 years. Because banging "7 gram rocks" like "a rock star from Mars" is actually no way to live.

Why do you think Kacey Jordan tried to kill herself?


Image via LA County Sheriff/Splash News

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