Rascal Flatts & Justin Bieber Make Me a Bit Feverish

Justin Bieber and Rascal FlattsI'm the first to cringe at the name Justin Bieber. While he has some talent in there somewhere, his hair, his music, his mania just confuse and concern me for the musical future of this country. His recent collaboration with country group, Rascal Flatts, however, may be the thing that finally makes me buy music from The Biebs.

I never thought the day would come, but their collaboration on the song "That Should Be Me" is good. It's a nice mix of country and pop, and it works, even though the initial thought sounded so very wrong. Their work together and the video were highlighted last night on an hour-long special on ABC titled Rascal Flatts: Nothing Like This. See what you think:


The fact that Gary LeVox's daughters were so in awe of their dad working with J.B. just makes me love it even more. LeVox told People:

They flipped out — Brittany ended up singing one of his songs to him. He was hugging them and was so sweet to them. I’ve even got a low-grade Bieber fever. I think I’m in the running for dad of the year.

So sweet, and really watching Justin with the band, which is one of my favorites, gave me a little bit of a sweet spot for Justin too.

Although I'm sure some country traditionalists are cringing at the thought of Bieber going country, I think it's great. Gwyneth Paltrow bombed big time singing at the Oscars singing country, but her song Country Strong is actually good. I think it's great for the country music industry, and music in general, to see various genres merge and work together. Because as Justin said (Oh Lord, I'm quoting Justin Bieber now!): "Music is music. It doesn't really matter what style as long as it appeals to others and people like it."

What do you think of Justin Bieber going country? Do you like this song?

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