Jon Cryer Proves Charlie Sheen Right (VIDEO)

jon cryer troll
Jon Cryer
On Conan O'Brien the other night, Jon Cryer finally spoke out publicly about the insults his ex-Two and a Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen recently lobbed his way -- calling Cryer a turncoat, a traitor, and most pointedly -- a troll -- for not reaching out to him after being fired from the show. Um, can you blame him? Charlie Sheen is one scary dude these days.

Check out Jon Cryer's response to Sheen's namecalling after the jump. Turns out, he has been carrying around a mighty big secret!


Charlie Sheen is right about Jon Cryer. He is a troll.

WATCH for yourself:

LOL! Jon Cryer, you continue to make us laugh and make us proud.

I'm loving how, so far anyway, Jon Cryer hasn't stooped to Charlie Sheen's level. Instead, he has smartly avoided baiting Sheen with any sort of statement and managed to stay out of the middle of the frenzy -- and yet he has also managed to poke fun at his own personal situation through good comedy.

Of course, we can all see how Jon Cryer is probably soon to profit from all the drama, as Two and a Half Men considers a replacement for Sheen -- although boo, probably not Rob Lowe or John Stamos -- and a comeback. And after all this, if the show returns, its ratings are bound to go through the roof.

What do you think of how Jon Cryer is responding to this whole Sheen drama?


Image via Conan

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