Tsunami Nightmare! But What About 'Twilight'?!

Kristen Stewart Taylor Lautner
Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner
Okay, no, you didn't really just ask that, did you? You really should get yourself some help for this Twilight obsession. You might have a real problem ...

But since you asked, we will try to quell your anxiety and confirm that, yes, the beach on Vancouver Island in British Columbia where The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is currently on location was evacuated today for a tsunami warning. As you know, yesterday's earthquake and tsunami in Japan sent tsunami waves toward Hawaii and the west coasts of Canada and the United States, which is what set off evacuation warnings up and down the coasts.

But what about the Twilight cast and crew?!!

Wow, you really are unstoppable. Keep reading ...


Not to worry about your Twilight faves, people. Your beloved Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart and the rest of the cast and crew have been safely evacuated. Not that normal people even care, but there is no word on whether or not the set, which includes an open waterfront, was affected by surging waters.

Tinsel Korey, the actress who plays Sam Uley's fiancee Emily Young in the Twilight series, tweeted about the cast's evacuation as it was happening:

They're evacuating us 4 a tsumnani warning. If this this is my last my tweet. I love you. The end. Hugz.

If this is the moment. Then I've lived a good life. And I'm thankful 4 everything I've been given. 1 love. :)

Wow, sounds like things got a little scary for a bit. Mandatory evacuation is never fun, I imagine. However, then Korey got a little negative feedback from followers who felt she was "overreacting" to her situation, to which she responded:

I'm not trying 2 b dramatic!!! I'm just saying my peace. This is my truth right now. 1Love.

Anyways, I'm going 2 ignore the douche bag comments. To the ppl who love me. Thx. Love u back. I'm over twitter. Peace.

Everything is fine. And we ending up getting all of our work done after all :)

Indeed, we are glad to hear the cast and crew are safe, just as much as we are happy to hear about the safety of everyone else who is facing this nightmare and comes out okay. Of course, we are concerned most for the people of Japan and their families, near and far, for that is where the real devastation and life loss have taken place -- it's truly heartbreaking ...

Here's how you can help Japan.

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