Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Split, Britney Perks Up

justin timberlake and jessica bielI know some Justin Timberlake fans have been hoping for this for a while now. Nope, not a new album (as if), but news that he and girlfriend Jessica Biel have broken up. Today's the day! They're officially dunzo. Reps for the couple say the split was amicable and that they each have the highest level or respect and love for one another.

Pshaw! Yeah right. Justin has been all about both Mila Kunis and Olivia Munn in the recent months so don't tell me Jessica isn't pissed. She and Justin had been together since 2007 -- four years is a long time for a couple dating in La La Land. Jessica must be pretty heartbroken that her man has moved on so fast. Kudos to the couple for keeping much of their relationship private, but I know this isn't the last we'll hear about this breakup. Especially when Britney enters the picture.


I guess Jessica saw the writing on the wall when Justin didn't take her to the Oscars. His mom was his date instead. I wouldn't be surprised if JT's mom is more fun at awards shows than Jess -- the hardbody starlet (well, can we call her a "starlet"? What has she been in recently? I only see paparazzi shots of her working out) seems like kind of a dud. Maybe I'm projecting on her the role she played in 7th Heaven, but she just doesn't seem like that much fun to be around.

You know who Justin should date now? BRITNEY. Forget Mila, forget Olivia, forget Cameron ... let's go back to 2002 when Britney and Justin wore dueling denim tuxedos, had frosted tips, and pretended they were virgins.

It would be so romantic and just so full-circle. They had their time apart to go crazy date other people, explore the mental institutions world, and have kids find themselves. Now it's time to reconnect and complete one another. He's just a boy from Tennessee standing in front of girl from Louisiana asking her to love him. Writes itself.

Justin and Britney could go on tour together, sing duets, have dance-offs, and breathe new life into our pop music scene. Everyone loves a comeback tour. And when they're old and gray and fat (you know Britney's gonna be chubby), they'll host a morning talk show that we'll all watch. Their southern accents will be full-blown by this point, as they've stopped trying to please any managers, and they'll end every episode by singing a song with Christian undertones. Amen.

Who do you think Justin should date?

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