'Jersey Shore' Recap: Is It Still Overacting When Everything Is 'Real'?

The third season of the Jersey Shore is following the same formula as the past two, but somehow this time around, it feels less original. Maybe that is because the shtick is getting old.

I had an epiphany tonight during tonight's episode and it was this: everything that happens on this show is a gigantic overreaction. Maybe that is what drama is all about, but they all do it. Whether good or bad, the way they react to everything is just over the top.

Take, for instance, on this episode, Snooki decides she has to let a guy "get it in" because he takes care of her skinned knee. Really? I mean, that is sweet and all, but applying a Band-Aid seems like a relatively low toll for entry to her vagina, no?

Maybe it's just me, but I like more than a guy who applies a Band-Aid. Of course, it wasn't just Snooki.


Ronnie is most guilty of it. His emotions run zero to 100 in a matter of seconds. Remember the way he took all of Sam's things and destroyed them? This episode saw yet another overreaction.

Sammi may or may not have been texting Arvin, the guy Mike said she was, but either way, who cares? He either loves her or he doesn't, but love isn't screaming obscenities at someone because they dared to text someone while they were broken up.

The way he pushes her is so over the top and, of course, she responds in kind. Even the dogs are overreacting with their non-stop yapping.

My ears hurt after this episode.

Of course, the biggest overreaction award of the evening went to JWoww, whose response to her boyfriend Roger's "dip" when she saw him on the road was legendary. She called him and BROKE up with his answering machine, not even allowing him the chance to explain or chat or anything. Later he called her back and explained. He was getting a haircut! But really, she is lucky he didn't dump her on the spot.

From the previews from last week, it looked like another whole episode of melodrama and overreactions. Here's an idea people: Xanax. You would all be much happier. Jeesh.

Do you think they overreact?


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