Justin Bieber Trapped by Hundreds of Rabid Fans (VIDEO)

WARNING: Reports are coming in that there's been a severe outbreak of Bieber Fever in England. Citizens are warned to stay away from the Hard Day's Night hotel in Liverpool, where Justin Bieber is currently trapped in his room as hundreds, perhaps thousands, of screaming fans are gathering outside.

Officials aren't sure what sparked this hot zone, but the infection seems to be spreading. In an attempt to create a quarantine, Liverpool police have formed a barricade around the hotel and closed down the surrounding streets.

Tragically, the hysteria only seems to be mounting as more and more girls fall victim to the 17-year-old mop-haired singer's infectious musical stylings and adorable brown eyes ...


Police authorities have warned Justin Bieber that he is now involved in a "possible riot situation," and have asked that he stay inside his room. As the crowds of infected swarmed outside, Bieber took to Twitter to discuss the terrifying situation:

“THIS IS CRAZY! i cant even say hi to my fans outside cuz of the police. some bull.”

Bieber is due to perform at Liverpool’s Echo Arena Friday night, but the burning question on everyone's mind is, will he ever be able to escape the hotel? Will the military be able to provide an antidote for the fever-stricken females of England? My god, how long can a young superstar live on gourmet room service?

Citizens worldwide are being advised to build up survival stashes and prepare for an emergency evacuation, as officials are unsure where the next outbreak could take place. In an effort to prepare the public, the CDC has released this disturbing video of the situation in Liverpool:

BREAKING DEVELOPMENT: Justin Bieber has issued another Twitter update:

"Trying to work it out so I can say whatup to my fans."

Dear god, child. Stay away from the balcony. STAY AWAY.


Image via Flickr/jake.auzzie

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