Michael Lohan to Film 'Celeb Rehab' at Lindsay's Trial

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan will soon appear in court to either plead guilty to grand theft or to go to trial, and her dad, Michael Lohan, wants to be there to show his support. Linds' mom, Dina, is trying to stop him though, and so is the rest of the starlet's family because Michael isn't planning on showing up alone. He's currently taping Celebrity Rehab and he wants the camera crew there to film him in the courthouse being a supportive dad.

I didn't think one could be a "supportive dad" whilst being filmed for Celeb Rehab, but Michael Lohan has always been kind of a loser. But you know who hasn't been a loser, but is starting to act like one? Dr. Drew. He's behind Celeb Rehab. How could he let this happen?


It seems like Dr. Drew has found himself between a crack rock and a hard place. On the one hand, Celebrity Rehab ratings would certainly get a boost if MiLo was filmed at LiLo's trial, but on the other hand (BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, DR. DREW), it would make Lindsay's trial one clown short of a circus.

Just last month Dr. Drew tweeted at Lindsay:

I a (sic) mortified how @Lindsaylohan is being attacked when she is so fragile and just establishing her sobriety. Not at all what she needs

Now I'm no doctor nor psychologist, but I don't think it would help Lindsay in any way if her fame-whore father showed up with a film crew. Call me old fashioned, but I was raised to think it'd be inappropriate for a dad to film a reality show at his daughter's trial.

I'm not a fan of Dina Lohan either, but at least she's making some sense on this case. She said, "We have tried to be as private as possible during this difficult time, now he plans to exploit our family even more, it is unforgivable." Amen Dina, amen.

We'll find out soon enough who wins this battle -- if Michael shows up, it's a Dr. Drew and Lohan family fail. Unfortunately I don't think it'll be the last time Lindsay's in court, or Michael's on a reality show, so this might not be the only time we're faced with this issue. All we can do now is hope that Dr. Drew puts the kibosh on it.

Do you think Dr. Drew should stop Michael Lohan from filming at Lindsay's trial?

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