Lady Gaga Thinks Breast Milk Ice Cream Is Sick

lady gagaBaby Gaga breast milk ice cream seems to be a very divisive thing, but we now know exactly on what side of the issue Lady Gaga stands. In short, the pop queen is not a fan. Even though the product is no longer on sale at the Icecreamists London ice cream parlor, Gaga has sent legal paperwork to the owners.

The legal doc reads:

The references you are making to Lady Gaga are clearly deliberate and intended to take advantage of her reputation and good will. Associating the Lady Gaga mark with a food product which may be unsafe for human consumption (owing to the risk of it carrying such viruses as hepatitis) is also highly detrimental.

Safety of the ice cream (which contains breast milk given by volunteers, who are registered blood donors) aside, I can totally see why Gaga wouldn't want her image to be associated with a product she's personally not comfortable with. 


To a great extent, celebs build their brands on the moves they make and how the public perceives those moves. If Lady Gaga sits back and does nothing while an ice cream parlor getting major headlines nods to her image, it's almost as if she's condoning the sale of breast milk ice cream. This lawsuit is damage control, really. She has to say she's against it, because otherwise, she'll be for it. The George W. Bush logic isn't the best, but it is a factor here.

Unfortunately, the Icreamists owner Matt O'Connor doesn't see Gaga as having much of a say in how he sells and markets his product. He told Britain's Evening Standard:

For Lady Gaga to accuse us of stealing her image is laughable when you consider how much she has borrowed from popular culture to create her look and music. She also seems to have forgotten that since the dawn of time the word gaga has been one of the first discernible phrases to come from a baby’s mouth. This is why we chose the name ... As for her assertion that our product is distasteful, perhaps she should reflect on her blood-spurting performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, or the fact she wears clothes fabricated from the flesh of dead animals. We have applied to register the trademark Baby Gaga and are confident we'll secure this.

O'Connor sounds terribly defensive, no? The most ridiculous part of his rant to me, though, is how he claims NOW that he named the ice cream for the baby babble word "gaga," and not LADY Gaga. Ohhhhh ... OKAY. Because you weren't having women dressed up like Lady Gaga serve the stuff. That, to me, is the clearest indication that they were borrowing Gaga's image for the marketing and sale of their product. 

I don't care if the Icecreamists get permission to sell their breast milk ice cream again. But, if exploiting the style and stage name of one Stefani Germanotta has nothing to do with it, then they can certainly call the concoction something else and have it served sans Gaga get-ups.

Who should win if this goes to court -- O'Connor or Gaga?

Image via PeterCruise/Flickr

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