Justin Bieber Pranks Dan Kanter, Proves Again He's a Terrible Prankster

Justin BieberFor someone who has been the subject of countless rumors via Twitter, Justin Bieber decided to start one of his own today. While touring in Dublin, Bieber got a hold of the phone of his guitarist -- Dan Kanter -- and sent out a message to Kanter's 200,000-plus followers.

"hey guys just wanted to inform all of the fans first that I have resigned from working with justin and I will be deleting my twitter soon," Justin tweeted for Dan.

From his own account, Bieber tweeted an ominous message: "you will be missed @dankanter .. but what you did was horrible. you will never be forgiven."

Fans were frantic. Tweets started flying with "What happened?" "Are you serious?" and "Noooooooo!"


Of course Kanter wasn't serious, because he wasn't the tweeter, and who in their right mind would resign from the Justin Bieber express? After discovering the devious doings of The Biebs, Kanter tweeted a response:

"Got pranked by JB. Guess I should cancel those auditions for @davematthewsbndphish @metallica and @bobdylan.. and get #REVENGE"/

Oh great, this is going to be fun. Now we're going to get to witness a series of lame pranks between the two. If they're going to prank each other, can't they at least get a little more creative than that? This is BO-RING. Go big, or don't go there.

Bieber sure likes his pranks even though he pretty much sucks at them. Remember this past summer when he tweeted the phone number of a guy he didn't like? That poor kid, Kevin Kristopik, got 26,000 texts and countless phone calls. Not so funny, especially when talk of a lawsuit started floating around. 

Then there was his attempt to prank Usher on a French radio show in December. The best he could come up with was that he had sprained his ankle, and Usher didn't even believe that. Uh, FAIL.

I'm thinking he's practicing for Punk'd, which he may host, if Ashton Kutcher has his way. Kutcher recently said of Bieber: "He’s a nice kid and he’s a funny kid -- and people don’t know he’s a funny kid yet ... and he’s sneaky. And I like sneaky people."

So perhaps J.B. is just showing the world how sneaky he can be in preparation for that gig. Keep trying Justin, maybe one of these days you'll actually pull a good one. If you need some inspiration, look to your elders like George Clooney and Brad Pitt -- now those guys know how to do pranks.

What do you think about Justin Bieber's pranks?

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