Demi Lovato Rehab Stint Was a Publicity Stunt

demi lovatoHave you heard of Demi Lovato before? If you have, it's most likely because your kiddos are a fan of the 18-year-old actress from Texas, who's most well-known for her roles in Camp Rock and Sonny With a Chance.

But well, if you're like me ... you hadn't. That is, until now. Rather than talking to her fans like other Disney starlets about a totally tubular new makeup line or newest hit single, Lovato spoke out last week about her recent stint in rehab. Wow, I totally hope the neighborhood kids see this!

Sorry to say this sweetheart, but I can see right through you.


Lovato abruptly departed from her tour with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas after entering rehab to deal with "physical and emotional issues" last November. There was a ton of speculation about what was really going on here. Was the young starlet cutting herself? Did she have an eating disorder?

So when it came time for her to thank her fans for their countless tweets and fan letters that got her through rehab, she failed. Why? Well, she told her fans that she had been on a long journey and was dealing with things that girls of all ages deal with. But she doesn't talk about what they were. She doesn't provide any explanation. And left that up to the fans' parents.

To me, it seems the young lady may have had problems adjusting to the spotlight and she entered rehab to take a break from everything. But what I don't understand is why rehab was the answer when she has a loving family to go home to? Why has rehab become the answer for every star who isn't sailing down the Hollywood hills with the breeze at their back?

I can't help but wonder ... is rehab becoming glorified? These days, is it something so seemingly ordinary that kids aren't realizing the severity of it? I can honestly say that I hope Lovato got the help that she "needed" while she was in rehab, and isn't using this as a platform to get back into the swing of things. There are so many other ways to get your name out there -- many of which have a much more positive message. I wish you the best of luck, Demi -- and that you truly have overcome all of the problems you've been facing the last few months.

Do you think that Demi needed to go to rehab?

Image via machechyp/Flickr

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