5 Young Celebrities Who Look Like Grandmas

Lindsay LohanIf you're trying to look older, just follow the examples set by these five celebrities who look twice their age. A steady combination of cigarettes, tanning, bad plastic surgery, and open bars will wreak havoc on the body.

You'd think someone would've warned these ladies that they're looking more like Keith Richards than Denise Richards, but no. These five young women don't seem to care what they look like in daylight as long as their nights are filled with fun. Even the prettiest 20-something can end up looking like a 40-year-old divorcee with a pill habit if she doesn't take care of herself. Unfortunately, that's what's happened to these young starlets.


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: The 23-year-old star of the Jersey Shore sometimes reminds us of a shrunken old grandma, and her outfits and hair-poof don't help. G.T.L. has caught up with this reality star whose perma-tan and hangover make her look like she's 23 going on 80.


Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson: The Black Eyed Peas singer will be 36 this month, but her puffy face and too-toned body make her look like a ragged 45-year-old who's sleeping with her personal trainer and her plastic surgeon. Fergie is an attractive woman (and her husband is smokin') but she needs to lay off the Botox and get back to looking Fergilicious.


Lindsay Lohan: A steady diet of Diet Coke, Grey Goose, and Marlboros can turn a 24-year-old face into a catcher's mitt. Linds is beyond gorgeous but the partying is catching up with her, and fast. Recently we've seen the young star try to compensate with Botox and lip fillers, which only make her look older.

Lindsay Lohan

Heidi Montag: May she be a warning to any young girl out there thinking of going under the knife. The 24-year-old boasted about getting 10 plastic surgeries in one day to transform her looks, but it all went so horribly wrong. Heidi was adorable on the first season of The Hills, and now it's hard to look at her. She looks great for a 90-year-old.

heidi montag

Willow Smith: Neither partying nor cosmetic surgeries has aged this young star (we hope!), but for some reason I find it impossible to believe that this articulate and talented young lady is only 10 years old. I think she's more mature than half of my friends, and richer, too.

willow smith


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