Will Eisner Honored by Google: 5 Things About the Comics Legend

Will Eisner GoogleToday in the illustrious doodle, Google honors Will Eisner. While it's a provocative image, it has many people asking: Who is Will Eisner? While you may not know his name, you're likely familiar with his work. He was a pioneer artist in the field of comics or as he liked to call it, sequential art.

So as Google doodles often do, this once again provides us the occasion to learn about people and events that we may not otherwise explore. Here are five things about Will Eisner and his work to file away for cocktail conversation, impressing you comic-book loving kids, and just in honor of a truly great artist:


1. Last week the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York opened an exhibit of his work titled, "Will Eisner’s New York, From The Spirit to the Modern Graphic Novel.” It contains many of his original drawings and painting and some of the work of those with whom he collaborated. If you're in New York, check it out between now and June 30.

2. The Eisners are named after him. These are some of the industry's most prestigious awards -- think the Oscars of comics. They're given out each year at Comic-Con International, the world's largest convention for comics.

3. The  Pulitzer-prize winning novel Kavalier and Clay, written by Michael Chabon is based largely on Eisner and his life.

4. The graphic novel and character The Spirit was created by Eisner and is perhaps one of his most well known. Beginning in 1940, the comic appeared in newspapers around the country for 12 years. Among many other characters he created are: John Law, Lady Luck, Mr. Mystic, Uncle Sam, and Sheena.

5. He died January 3, 2005, after complications from heart surgery. He was born March 6, 1917, and would have been 94 today.

Are you a comic book fan? Are you a fan of Will Eisner's work?

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