'Till the World Ends' Makes Me Reconsider Hating Ke$ha

ke$haBy now, if you haven't heard Britney Spears' new single, "Till the World Ends" off of her forthcoming album, Femme Fatale, you're seriously behind in pop culture! And you're missing out on an amazing booty-shakin' experience. Yes, I said experience. This is a track to be experienced. I don't think we've had such a thing from Brit Brit in a loooong time -- maybe not since "Toxic."

Even though her Circus comeback fell short of expectations, and no one is positive how much she's really going to be able to bring it to the Femme Fatale promo, I've been rooting for her all along. So, for me, "Till the World Ends" just makes me fall for Britney all over again. What's more surprising, though, is that I think the track might make me stop hating Ke$ha!

Oh yes, I HATE that girl. It's not really her sloppy, pseudo-drunken, obnoxious persona. I can deal with that ...


It's moreso that ever since seeing her "performance" on SNL, I've thought she CERTAINLY cannot sing. She can't dance, either. But hey!!! Now knowing that Ke$ha wrote "Till the World Ends," it kind of makes sense why she's being given the time of day in the music industry. The girl can WRITE! She's a natural -- maybe even a genius -- at penning catchy-as-hell pop tracks!

Interestingly, she recently tooted her own horn about her songwriting abilities to MTV:

I consider myself a songwriter before and above everything else, so it's an honor to write for one of pop music's biggest icons. And I hope it gets everyone's ass on the dance floor cuz y'all know that's what K-Monay does best!

Wow, Ke$h! You do have your head on straight! And yeah, you gotta admit, K-Monay's tracks do have a signature sound that gets people shakin' it. "Till the World Ends" has it stamped all over it. And of course, "Tik Tok" and "We R Who We R" have it. But I'm sorry -- I just couldn't get over that cringe-worthy performance on SNL. Some of you Ke$ha lovers out there might say, "What, are you crazy? You think Britney can sing?" No, not really, but at one point, she was a RIDIC dancer! You can't deny that. And can't exactly stand the test of time as a pop star if you can't sing or dance. (Hell-o, Milli Vanilli and Ashley Simpson.)

Maybe the gray area, though, is if you're just a brilliant pop songwriter/producer in disguise. Then you can get away with it ALL. Clearly, Ke$ha has. If she can keep owning her strengths and crafting hot tracks like "Till the World Ends" for other stars and even herself (although, eehhh, maybe she can head into Timbaland territory and collab more than not?), I just might stop hatin' on her for good.

How do you feel about Ke$ha?



Image via Eva Blue/Flickr


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