Brooke Mueller as Reality Star, Thanks to Paris Hilton: Winning?

In the midst of Charlie Sheen's media frenzy, his ex-wife Brooke Mueller has quietly aligned forces with a certain blonde-haired vagina-flashing tabloid queen in order to tell her side of the story.

That's right, folks: Brooke Mueller will soon be gracing the small screen alongside Paris Hilton in a new reality show.

*checks sky for fourth Horseman*

The World According to Paris will debut this spring on Oxygen (of course it's on Oxygen), and Mueller will be a co-star. No word on whether or not she was going to be a big part of the show before all this Sheen madness, but naturally, Mueller's involvement is being hyped now.

In an interview that aired today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hilton told Ellen that the show will reveal the truth behind Mueller's side of the Charlie Sheen saga.


While Hilton wouldn't reveal any specifics, or whether or not Sheen will make an appearance on the show, she did her best to tease the viewers.

It’s a surprise ... It’s really good. There’s a lot that happens. (...) Let's just say there's a lot of drama in the show.

The show is reportedly still filming, and presumably will focus on the Mueller/Sheen custody battle that's going on right now. If you've missed the latest, Mueller filed a restraining order against Sheen this Tuesday and took physical custody of the couple's sons.

While Sheen's been doing a seemingly endless series of interviews and starting up that widely followed Twitter account, Mueller's maintained a public silence. I thought she was taking the high road, but I suppose I should have known better. Why give the story away for free when you can get paid, after all?

(Can you even imagine the footage their kids will be privy to someday? Good lord.)

I can't fault Mueller for wanting people to know her story, but wow, unveiling it via Paris Hilton's reality show? Just when I think this story can't possibly get more bizarre, there it goes, farther down the rabbit hole.

Will you watch Brooke Mueller's side of things on The World According to Paris?

Image via Flickr/Ash90291

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