'Jersey Shore' Recap: Somewhere Out There, Snooki's Mom Is Crying

The tenth episode of Season 3 of the Jersey Shore had the roommates making up words, cleaning toilets, and creating drama. In other words, it was just another Thursday night in Seaside.

Here's what I learned on the Jersey Shore tonight:

  1. "Permenating" is what happens when a toilet backs up and the smell is overwhelming. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino doesn't know the word permeating.
  2. "Hestatic" is what happens when you are "like super happy and you know, like, really happy." And also when you are Deena, and you don't know the word ecstatic.
  3. Also, Vinny wears something that clogged the toilet, something that was getting bleeped out. Something that sounds like D***Tee? Am I crazy? Should I know this? Am I so old that I don't know a whole wardrobe item?

Speaking of old ...


I am officially watching Jersey Shore like a parent would. When Snooki laments that she couldn't fit Vinny's penis inside her and that she calls it "Moby Dick," I cringed for her mother and father somewhere who have to watch their daughter act like that.

Sure, she behaved responsibly when she chose not to drink and the prank they pulled on The Situation (putting cheese in his bed so he thought it was the girl he was with) was funny and juvenile, but the other stuff would just make me want to cry.

I would love it if my children are successful and make $5 million a year (like The Situation), but if they did so by acting like him, I think I might feel otherwise. He brought a young girl home, so young in fact that he checked her ID. Then he proceeded to mock her mercilessly for "smelling like cheese," which, incidentally, she didn't. It was a prank pulled by the roommates who decided to hang the poor girl out to laugh at her.

He openly admitted that he let her give him oral sex and then called a cab for her. Who does that? OK, yes, both parties are guilty for consenting to that, but I am guessing she didn't expect to be made fun of the next day and laughed at. The least he could do is pretend to have a modicum of respect for a woman who took his penis in her mouth. If I were his mother, I would disown him. I would wish for the reset button on my life and seriously question how I went so wrong.

Maybe I am too old for this show. Or maybe I just have too much respect for myself and others to accept this any further. But something has to give here. Memo to the parents: these are not "boys will be boys" antics. This is sickness. You messed up somewhere.

Does this stuff annoy you, too?


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