Jon Cryer Mocks Charlie Sheen With 'Trainwreck' Crack (VIDEO)

Jon Cryer Ellen
Jon Cryer
Ever since Charlie Sheen began his public meltdown, resulting in his television show Two and a Half Men being pulled out of production for the rest of the season, everyone's been wondering what his co-star Jon Cryer thinks. I mean, Charlie's trainwreck is directly affecting Jon Cryer's employment status and surely his pocketbook as well. Ouch!

Well, Jon Cryer steps out from his silence and makes a short but hilarious appearance on today's Ellen DeGeneres Show. He pokes good fun at the entire CBS sitcom cancellation debacle and his own unemployment status, and pokes some ever-so-subtle fun at Charlie Sheen.


WATCH Jon Cryer's skit on Ellen:

The "trainwreck" crack at the end is so brilliant, isn't it? Also love when she thanks him for being there and he says, "I needed the work."

Hear, hear to Cryer for being able to have a sense of humor in this testy situation. I mean, he's got to be pretty pissed, right? When someone makes a choice to eff up their own life with drugs, alcohol, partying, domestic abuse, and talking smack to the boss on national radio and TV, that's usually all on them. However, here we have a case where Charlie's actions are directly affecting not only Jon Cryer's livelihood, but that of the entire cast and crew of Two and a Half Men.

Last I heard, CBS was going to pay everyone for four of the eight remaining episodes that never got made, thanks to Charlie's antics. I hope they'll push that out and pay everyone for all eight.

How do you think Jon Cryer handled his first appearance and response to the Charlie Sheen meltdown?


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