Jimmy Fallon 'Winning' Charlie Sheen Impression Is Dead On (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon winning cologne Charlie Sheen
Jimmy Fallon does Charlie Sheen
I've been trying really hard to remain sort of PC about Charlie Sheen since I realized he might really be having a meltdown. Not in a poor-Charlie-Sheen way so much, but more in a let's-not-laugh-at-crazy-people way. When I want to laugh, I just think of his poor kids or his poor parents (and all the lame jealous men in the world who think Charlie actually is "winning"), and it's not funny anymore.

But then the hilarious Jimmy Fallon went and spoofed Charlie last night, and I can't hold in the laughter anymore. This "Winning" cologne commercial spoof is so dang funny because Fallon's impersonation is spot on (wow, does he look like him!).


In the spoof that aired last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy channels Charlie Sheen to a tee and finds a way to include all our favorite Charlie Sheen quotes like "Adonis DNA" and "I'm a bitchin' rock star" and "blood of a tiger" and, one my personal favorites, "the only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen." Did Charlie really say, "I'm like Zeus in a Speedo" or is that a fun Fallon addition? So good!

Watch the fake (but oh-so-real) stream-of-conscious commercial for the new "Winning" cologne, and see if you can pick out which quotes are really Charlie Sheen's and which ones Jimmy Fallon brilliantly added.

WATCH Jimmy Fallon's "Winning" Cologne Ad:

Did you laugh at Jimmy Fallon's portrayal of Charlie Sheen or what?


Image via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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