Khloe Kardashian Pregnant? Just Ask Brother Rob

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian has one of the most watched bellies in America. Everyone wants to know when this famous sister will finally get pregnant, and we've all speculated, guessed, and wished for it to happen. No pressure or anything. Now, even her own brother Rob Kardashian is getting in on what's seemingly becoming a game.

He recently told People how badly he wants a second nephew or niece and confirmed that Khloe and Lamar are trying to conceive, but having trouble. Really? I know they're a close family, but I don't think I'd be so keen on my brother discussing my reproductive issues with the media, but that's just what he did.

"It's a tough process -- it's not as easy as people think ... It should happen soon, I'm hoping," he told the magazine. Uh, okay Mr. conception expert.


Part me feels deep compassion for Khloe. If she's going through infertility, it's one of the most painful experiences anyone can endure. I went through plenty of years of disappointment and heartache, and one of the worst parts of it all was knowing that everyone around was waiting and wondering. So besides my own disappointment, I felt like I was disappointing family and friends as well with each month that passed and each pregnancy test I peed on.

I can only imagine how difficult it could be for Khloe to be going through all of that as the world watches and her own brother talks to magazines about how much he wants her to get pregnant. Maybe she gave him permission, maybe she didn't, but it's still just weird and seems like he's using her issue to get some headlines for himself. His sisters are kind of attention hogs.

BUT she's also out publicly buying cribs and breast pumps, dropping $16,000 in one baby store alone, and coyly tweeting how much she loves baby clothes while still denying rumors that she's pregnant. It's all starting to feel like a big game, and maybe Rob just wanted to play too.

I don't know, but I think Rob's comments could be one of the first signs that she really could be pregnant this time. (See, there goes that speculation again.) A brother really wouldn't do that if she wasn't, would he?

What do you think about Rob's comments on Khloe Kardashian's infertility issues?

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