Theodora Richards: Daughter of Badass Keith Richards Arrested for Lame Crime

Did you know legendary rockstar, Rolling Stone member, one-time drug fiend, and possible walking zombie Keith Richards has a daughter named Theodora Richards? Theodora, born in 1985, has been a model since the age of 16, when she posed for a Tommy Hilfiger campaign with Elizabeth Jagger (Mick's kid).

While Theodora's been pursuing fame and fortune through her modeling career for years, along with focusing on her painting and drawing studies (translation: she lives the high life in NYC, thanks to her dad being a bazillionaire), she's finally landed on the front page news. Unfortunately, it wasn't due to strutting the catwalk in Milan or being cast as an art-house ingénue—rather, she was arrested in New York last night for drug possession and graffiti.


Police caught Theodora around 10:45 p.m., leaving her mark on the side of a building in SoHo with a paint pen. What sort of creation was the heiress-turned-street-tagger painting, you ask? Surely the daughter of a notorious bad boy like Keith Richards—a woman who enjoys the finer things in life like human expression and strong pharmaceuticals—was in the midst of designing an epic piece of modern art, right?

Actually, no. She was painting the letters “T-N-A.”

Laaaaaaaaaaame. Why not just carve it into your desk during detention.

In addition to the smoking-gun paint marker, police found a small amount of marijuana and 8 1/2 hydrocodone pills on Richards. Not to downplay the serious nature of this crime, but boy, compared to some of Keith's busts, this is just so adorable. Like watching a toddler wearing Daddy's shoes!

So, I wonder what she was writing, exactly? The Rolling Stones have a song called "Little T&A" from their album Tattoo You, which includes the lyrics:

She's my little rock and roll, ah, ah, ah
My tits and ass with soul, baby

Are you trying to tell the world what a badass rocker girl you are, Theodora? Maybe next time just stick to topless photo shoots.

Image via Flickr/linlin0824

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