New Kim Kardashian Song Is Bad, But for a Good Cause

Kim Kardashian songKim Kardashian fans, rejoice! The self-proclaimed businesswoman, fashion designer, and perfumista has added another talent to her lengthy list of "there really is a reason why I'm famous" credentials: Singer. The second oldest of the Kardashian sisters released her first song "Jam (Turn It Up)" today "On Air With Ryan Seacrest."

The track, complete with synthesizer and techno beats, is exactly what you'd expect (not great). Usually I'd rag on the feisty brunette for this song being kind of lame, but I won't because all the proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Kim knew what she was getting into. After all, the song might be awful, but everyone will have to buy it ... for the kids.

Just listen:


When originally approached about producing a track with R&B singer The-Dream, Kim basically said why not:

[The-Dream said] let’s just have fun. Let’s donate the proceeds, let’s just have fun with it don’t take yourself seriously, try something you’ve never done before.

And that's what she did. This isn't Kim pretending that she's a singing superstar. This is Kim using her fame for a good cause. Sure, lyrics like "On the floor I can't stand still/And I'm goin' to work like I'm paying my bills" may not earn her a Grammy nomination any time soon, but she's not looking for that.

When Ryan Seacrest asked Kim when fans can expect an arena tour, she said she'd stick to singing in the shower at home. Thank goodness -- both for our sakes and hers (she's got enough going on with boyfriend Kris Humphries). But that doesn't mean I won't be dancing to her tune this weekend when I'm clubbing with my friends. It has a decent beat I may or may not have been bopping around to during my first listen. Go ahead, laugh if you want to. But I'm gonna channel Kim's attitude on this one and say, the heck with it -- why the hell not?

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's new song?

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