Charlie Sheen Falls Apart & We Love It

Charlie Sheen's public meltdown couldn't come at a better time in our national psyche. Just days after the annual tribute to consumerism, fame, and inflated salaries we like to call Oscar night, we've all become engrossed with the public insanity that is Charlie Sheen.

First there were the morning interviews, then the 20/20 interview, and now of course, we can all Live the Sheen Dream with the quote generator. Does it make us all feel better about our own little lives to see a celebrity with so much -- $2 million per episode, booming career, women at his beck and call -- so publicly torpedo all he has worked for?

Are we collectively engaging in a bit of schadenfreude? Oh hell yes we are! And the Oscars are to blame.


No one wants to admit they feel envious of the stars walking the red carpet (watch the comments from the people saying they "honestly don't envy the stars") but the truth is murkier. Yes, it's entertaining to see them all in their Academy Award finery, but what do we love more?

We love the trips, the fumbles, the awkward moments, the tensions. Anything that is embarrassing or otherwise flub-worthy we love. What did the headlines scream the day after an award show? James Franco was high, Ricky Gervais went over the top, so and so tripped walking up to get their award.

The fact is, we love those moments because they make us feel like even though our lives aren't nearly as glamorous or exciting (or rich), at least we don't make public asses of ourselves, which brings us to Sheen. Oh yes, poor, sad Charlie, who is making enough of a public ass of himself to make us feel better about 1,000 award shows to come.

I find Sheen as funny as anyone else, but the truth is, we're watching a man in crisis. We're sitting idly by and, in many cases, we're laughing while this man is openly falling apart. Whether it's schadenfreude or something else entirely, it's a bit sick and I am just as guilty as everyone else.

Do you think the Oscars have something to do with this?


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