Charlie Sheen Goddess Rachel Oberlin Doesn't Need Your Sympathy

Rachel OberlinIt was hard to watch the Charlie Sheen 20/20 interview last night and not feel a tad bit sorry for those "goddesses," right? They're living in crazy town with a criminal and wife beater! But all goddess Rachel Oberlin seems to want is for Charlie to cancel the interviews and get back home to bed.

"Rach" (as Sheen calls her) is a piece of the "beautiful, perfect, lovely family" that Sheen said last night keeps him going every day. Along with Natalie Kenly, she's one of the goddesses. And she doesn't want your sympathy or your judgment, thank you very much. She wants the world to leave her alone. Oh, and some really dirty, naughty sex. So turn down the reporters, Charlie! You've got a porn star to please.

WARNING: some content that follows is NSFW.


On a Twitter feed that is not safe for anyone's work (well, except mine -- ain't writing about stars grand?), Oberlin's alter ego, porn star Bree Olson, has spent the month sharing what all those reporters want to know so badly: what does go on inside the Sheen home.

Waffling between tweets that rant at the outside world:

It amazes me that so many complete strangers are so vicious towards me right now. I didn't hurt anyone, so stop hurting me.

I don't do drugs and neither does anybody around me. I used to drink occasionally and don't even do that anymore. Yeah, I love sex, so what?

And tweets that are down right dirty:

I'm so horny. I haven't used my vibrator in weeks and even just me sitting a certain way makes me want to cum mmmm ready for sexy time today

Rachel Oberlin/Bree Olson has made it pretty clear she's a consenting adult (she's 24), who is enjoying her sex life. Is she living in what's a bizarre situation with a man who could be dangerous -- if not to her but to himself? Sure! But she sums that one up in 140 characters or less too:

A woman needs love, a man needs respect. It's that easy.

So Charlie Sheen is ruining his life one drug at a time. Rachel Oberlin (Bree Olson) has the American right to love him anyway. Or at least love what he does in bed. What happens to her when the fun runs out is her problem.

Do you feel sorry for the goddesses?

Image via Bree Olson/yFrog

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