Remembering Jane Russell and Her Famous Boobs

jane russellShe was no "Plain Jane," that's for sure. On the (high) heels of Hollywood's biggest night, the movie world lost one of its biggest icons. Jane Russell, one of the sexiest stars to ever hit the silver screen, passed away

Jane Russell made over 15 movies back in the Golden Age of Hollywood -- one of her biggest hits was Gentleman Prefer Blondes (with another famous sex symbol, Marylin Monroe). But what do I remember her from? Those bra commercials -- the Playtex bras for "full-figured" women.

Yup, Jane Russell and her 38D breasts had every girl want to have big boobs -- including me in my (insert heavy sigh) 34AA training bralette.   


I guess you could say she was the original Victoria's Secret Angel long before Victoria's Secret even existed. The first bit of eye candy. The first sexpot. Her outfits led the way to all of the tight-fitting tube tops, halter dresses, and every other sexy outfit we see on female movie stars (and those tweens at the mall) today. Jane Russell paved the sultry road for sexy mamas over the past five decades -- from Pamela Anderson to Sofia Vergara, Farrah Fawcett to Eva Mendes.

Yessiree, her boobs -- and the marketing machine behind those boobs -- made her a household name well before The Outlaw, her first movie, even hit theaters. Howard Hughes, the director of the film, emphasized her boobs every chance he could, even in the promo posters. He had a special bra made for her -- though she never wore it. Fear of Jane's boobage had the censors so scared they wouldn't allow the film to be released for three years.

You look at that film or at the photos now, and it's nothing to us -- a tight blouse, one shoulder askew, a slight "come hither" glance. Dang, I've seen more risque attire on every single Disney princess. But back then, Jane Russell and her boobs were big guns, er, bazookas.

Who do you think is the next Jane Russell?


Image via classic film scans/Flickr

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