Justin Bieber Birthday Warrants Pulling Out Your Wallet

justin bieber birthdayJustin Bieber celebrates his 17th birthday today. Uh oh, who wants to break the news to the kid that his career is about to peak a la Zac Efron? Juuuuuuust kiddin'!

But really, it's refreshing to hear that he's marking the special occasion by using his fame for the greater good. Instead of asking for gifts this year, he's requesting that his friends, family, and fans consider donating $17 to Charity: Water.


On the philanthropy's site, he said:

I'm turning 17 years old on Tuesday and have so much to be grateful for! So this year, I really want my birthday to be all about helping others ... One hundred percent of all donations go directly to building clean water projects in developing countries with Charity: Water, and we'll be able to see photos and GPS of the projects we helped build! ... Did you know that about 4,500 kids die each day from waterborne disease? By building clean water projects for villages that need them, we can prevent this!

All too often, celebs -- especially young ones -- seem rather clueless about the great big wide world out there. I'm sure it's easy to get sheltered and self-obsessed when you've got a team of people who are all about Brand YOU 24/7. And when they do back charities, some celebs seem like they're only doing it because their publicist told them it would look good.

But I genuinely believe there are others who are deeply committed to their cause, like Lady Gaga and her personal fight for LGBT rights. Or Brad Pitt and his commitment to The Make It Right Foundation. And now Bieber for Charity: Water.

Something else kinda cute I realized, being the astrology buff that I am ... The Biebs is a Pisces to the core -- not only is his sun sign Pisces, but his Venus (the planet related to love, beauty, and art) is also in the water sign. He's deeply creative, imaginative, very much a daydreamer. Pisces are also extremely compassionate. So, it's no wonder Charity: Water is the philanthropic cause that most appeals to him.

And it seems like it's now appealing to MANY more people who are more than happy to do as their icon asks ...

The Biebs re-tweeted Charity:Water's tweet last night:

Thanks to all you Beliebers, we hit $7 million raised on mycharity: water today! #makeachange.

Even though I may have had a bone to pick with the kid recently over his views on women's reproductive rights, I have to applaud him for this truly altruistic move.

What do you think about Bieber's support for Charity: Water?


Image via Jake Auzzie/Flickr

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