Chris Brown Blonde Hair: FAIL

Chris BrownEarly this morning, Chris Brown Tweeted a picture of himself with a new hairdo -- a platinum blonde one! With the hashtag #lookatme, everyone is doing just that as the world explodes with opinions about his new look.

The consensus seems to be a big: What the hell was he thinking?

Check out the picture of his new blonde hair after the jump:


Chris Brown Blonde Hair

 Here are just a few of the many opinions flying on Twitter:

"The name of Chris brown hair dye is oodles of noodles chicken flavor" -- @TheOnly_BadGuy

"I think Chris Brown is havinga midlife crisis. I don't understand." -- @PerfectKimistry

"chris brown looks like mac n cheese" -- @MyLifeAsCaron

"lmao forever at chris brown having blonde hair." -- @thejokeson

"Everybody calling the homie Chris Brown + Sisqo= Crisqo" -- @ImTracyMorgan

"That awkward moment when you find out Chris Brown & Amber Rose have the same hair stylist." -- @sooulamazing

I don't think it looks that bad really, but it is a bit jolting, especially when the whole crazy hair color is kind of the thing of his ex, Rihanna. He also picked some pretty strange timing. Beyonce beat him to it, and recently revealed her golden tresses, which drew the ire of many for betraying women of color.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wrote in the Daily Mail:

Every woman of colour has an important social and cultural history that cannot simply be bleached away or denied by the use of hair straighteners. That’s why I passionately believe that Beyonce’s ignorance of how this betrays her heritage is so insidiously damaging to all peoples of colour.

It will be interesting to see if Brown takes the heat for the same type of offense, or if people just stick to dissing the actual shade.

What do you think of Chris Brown's new blonde hair -- yay or nay?

Images via benyupp/Flickr,  twitpic

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