Rihanna & Ciara Air Beef Via Tweets (VIDEO)

RihannaIt was a Twitter smackdown between singers Rihanna and Ciara last night. The fact that Joan Rivers was involved just makes it even more fun.

It all started when Ciara appeared on Joan's show Fashion Police last night. They were dissing Rihanna and one of the hideous-to-the-extreme outfits she wore recently.

Ciara started off treading gently:

I ran into her recently at a party and she wasn’t the nicest, and it’s crazy because I’ve always respected what she’s done with fashion and I’ve ran into her before, but this time it just wasn’t the most pleasant run-in, so…


Then Joan came in with the jab

…a bitch. Next!

Shortly after that, the Tweets started flying:

Rihanna: “My bad ci, did I 4get to tip u? #howrudeofme“

Ciara: “Trust me Rhianna u dont want to see me on or off the stage“ (Hmmmm ... think she misspelled her name on purpose?)

Rihanna: “U gangsta huh? Haaa. Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of.“

Then Rihanna cooled down a bit and backed down: “Ciara baby, I love u girl! U hurt my feelings real bad on TV! I’m heartbroken! That’s y I retaliated this way! So sorry! #letsmakeup“

Ciara accepted: "Rhi u know its always been love since day 1! Doing shows/everything. you threw me off in that party! Apology accepted. Let's chat in person"

Awww, how sweet, and what a nice little publicity boost for both of them, which I'm sure wasn't unintentional.

Glad to see them make up, but it does make you wonder who would win a real-life girl fight between the two if the Twitter gloves came off and they'd enter the ring, no? I'd have to put my money on Rihanna, as Ciara seems a little too sweet. Joan could officiate, and we'd a have a show.

Who do you think would win a boxing match between Rihanna and Ciara?

Image via avrillllla/Flickr

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